DHart’s Daiga

DHart’s Daiga


OFA Hips (good) and Elbows (clear)

May 31, 2004 to

Recksayna des Hauts Marche x Nils de la Velerie

Her manners in public are excellent. I feel comfortable taking her anywhere. She is not reactive towards other animals, dogs, people, moving cars or bikes, etc. so I generally just clip her leash around my waist (I have one of those multi-purpose leads), which makes it easy to take her shopping at the Farmers Market, Home Depot or anywhere dogs are allowed. She really enjoys going places like this. Our local Farmers Market has tons of dogs, children, etc so is a very good barometer for how a dog reacts in a variety of situations. As you can imagine, everyone has very different ideas of what “control” means with their dogs & children. So while most are very polite, there are always a few dogs on flexies running up, or straining at the leashes barking or whose owners think every dog is friendly. Plus children that just run up an hug dogs. She is one that I can take with no worries or hassles – which is very nice & non-stressful for everyone.

She has a nice clean recall and good basic obedience, but I have not taken her loose on any trails, so cannot say for certain how that would work out. She is crate trained, house trained, knows all the basic obedience commands, and stands perfectly for grooming or vet care. I did train her in French Ring Sport initially, but found she is not a sport dog. She would likely do well in agility or obedience, but would be perfectly happy being a companion that got to go on lots of outings.

I am placing her because she does not do well living in a multi-dog home. She fights with one of my young bitches whenever they are loose together (which is never if I can help it right now), and I see the potential for this to occur with my other young bitch. This is not the first time – I placed another bitch she fought with. And she always comes out the most beat up in these fights – but that doesn’t stop her! I know she would be happiest in a home with maybe one other submissive male dog, or with no other dogs. She loves attention, treats, walks and more attention.
Cats are also out – I don’t have any so she is not used to them.

The pictures below all old, she is actually a Dark Gray Brindle. I will try to get a more current one up shortly.