Alpine Xena D’Hart

Alpine Xena D’Hart


September 22, 1998 to December 08, 2011

Chris x Alpine

Xena was the pup I kept out of the Scout x Eubanks litter.  She was one of those girls that took a long time to mature and get her head together.  Of course, lots of things were happening as she was growing up that took time away from training.   She has always been the perfect pet, so it was easy to keep her around, and wait to see how she would grow up.  She rides well in the car – with or with out a crate, walks nicely on lead, and has not messed in the house since she was 5 weeks old.  Always wants everyone to be happy.  Rides great in the car or van – doesn’t destroy it!  But was protective of the car and property.

 She was a great sport dog, very useful for showing the other dogs how to play the “tug game”.  Others  have remarked on her great bite and love of the sport.  So many Bouviers are very serious about bite work.  Xena thought it was a great game.  She was one I would trust sending on a decoy in a partial suit (just pants, jacket or sleeve) as I knew she would bite the equipment, not the man.

She was protective around the home, but a very very sweet girl.  I think her natural enthusiasm and size (she was a BIG girl) would scare anyone before it came to actual protectiveness, but she was very sure of herself.

It was a hard decision to let her go, but in recent weeks she had begun to deteriorate and was in a lot of pain.