We moved to Olalla in the late Spring of 2000, and find it very peaceful.

On our small parcel of land, we have two areas, both of which we try to keep Bird friendly, while allowing us room to play with our dogs.  The back of the property, and the very front, are native plants.  There are some none natives that have crept in  - the usual for this region - and we are trying to eliminate those.  On the positive side, the most invasive of the non-natives, the Himalayan Blackberry does provide food and cover for a variety of wildlife.  However, the native Blackberry does the same and is much more attractive to boot!

Most of the bird pictures are taken at the house, where I have a number of feeders.


We update as often as we can - so check back soon for more fun stuff.

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Phone: 206-219-9072
We are located in Olalla WA
The nearest large cities are Tacoma & Seattle