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We have made the difficult choice to sell all of our Mini LaManchas.

It is difficult to get the numbers down to where I wish to be with three breeds.

Our Mini Lamancha Does & Kids:

DHarts ZZ Kalamata
DOB: March 6, 2015
Horns: Polled
Ears: Elf
Generation: F2

Asking price:
Kalamata: $250, has been bred to Branagan.  Price may go up after we are certain she is bred

Kalamata is a lovely black and tan, pictures are her as a first freshener. Nicely attached udder. I would expect both production and teat size to improve with her next freshening (based on what her dam did).

She kidded again this year with Buck/Doe twins, both polled.


DHarts ZZ Kalamata Pedigree:
Sire: Ravenna's RO Donny Ozzman
Sire- Findley Follies Royal
Sires Sire- Findley Follies Lord Buckingham
Sires Dam- Findley Follies Toffee
Dam- Ravenna R's MO Georgia
Dams Sire- Sweetbrier Ridge Captain Morgan
Dams Dam- C-Springs CO Wilson

Dam: Minter Bays RN Olive
Sire- Poppy Patch FC Ready or Not (ADGA Nigerian)
Sires Sire- Buttin' Heads Father Christmas
Sires Dam- Poppy Patch Not Quite An Angel
Dam- Herron Hill Go Ask Alice  (MDGA 1st generation experimental)
Dams Sire- Poppy Patch RC Captain January (Nigerian, ADGA )
Dams Dam-Herron Hill Xie Xie (ADGA LaMancha)

2017 Gopher eared polled Doeling out of Kalamata & Branagan available.  Having trouble adding pictures, please email me for details.


Two F1 doelings - 50/50 percentages - $225 each, discount for the pair
DOB: May 20, 2016
Horns: Disbudded


Sal-E has been bred to Branagan

We are hoping to get Sis-E bred as well.



Dam (ADGA LaMancha): Wonderful Farm WI ‘Lil E
Sire- Raintree WiFi Valentine *B
Sires Sire- CH Heart-MT. –Carter-Kids Wildfire *B
Sires Dam- SGCH Raintree Ol Kricket 2*M
Dam- Shammys S Eanna
Dams Sire- Shammys Bad Sandman *B
Dams Dam- Shammys TU Exana  

Sire (ADGA Nigerian): 5Jarvis Farms RV Nitro
Sire- Camanna CS Ravello
Sires Sire- AGS TX Twincreeks AB Crescendo
Sires Dam - ABS Cammana FR Vienna
Dam- Deer Run ND Sapphire
Dams Sire- AGS Sugar Pine RHB After Dark
Dams Dam- Deer Run ND Diamond  









Adult Buck:

Glimmercroft Brannagan
DOB:   03/21/2013    
Color: Tri Color        
Eyes: Brown
Ears: Gopher
Generation: F4
60.16% LM, 39.84% N
Horn Info: Disbudded        Height

Price: $350 - sold Pending Pick up


Sire- Tangletonw Toft Scirocco
Sires Sire- Glimmercroft Bosco
Sires Dam- SUN Farm Emma

Dam- Glimmercroft Faelan
Dams Sire- Sweetbrier Ridge Schroeder
Dams Dam- Glimmercroft Rose


We update as often as we can - so check back soon for more fun stuff.

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