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Nigerians Mini-LaMancha Mini-Nubian Kids & Kidding For Sale Goat Photos


Currently for Sale:

Right now we have three does in milk for sale, and may be selling more.

With most of our goats for sale, we are willing to consider trades. 
Some of our goats & kids are for sale to make room for others, and we are always looking to diversify our genetic pool.  So, if you have a trade in mind please ask! 

Discounts are offered for multiple purchases.

Our herd is tested for CAE, CL and Johnes.  In addition we do vet checks whenever called for, fecals, etc - everything we can to maintain a healthy herd. 
All kids are disbudded if they are not polled

Right now we have the following up for sale:
More pictures coming soon or by request.


Mini Nubians For Sale
Adult in Milk:
We expect to have at least two does in Milk available after kidding. We are currently taking reservations for those
Depending on what we get for kids we may have one yearling available  
Bucks - We have our senior bucks for sale only because they are tightly related to our herd at this time:

Ryan is our purebred Mini Nubian buck. He has a lovely temperament and has produced does with good to excellent udders and production. I have been happy with every single daughter of his that has freshened. Which brings us to why he is for sale - just about every doe I have is related to him!

Proven fertile, and proven to improve udders, great pedigree. $500


Rainier is a lovely Fourth Generation Mini Nubian with impressive breed character. All the kids I have out of him have lovely breed type - he seems to stamp that on his kids! The one doe that has freshened has a very nice udder and good production for a first freshener.

Proven fertile, throws great breed character - $350

2017 Kids:
Please look at our kidding schedule We do have reseverations open at this time

Mini LaMancha:

We need to reduce our numbers! We keep trying, and trying.....but with three breeds it is just too hard! So we have made the very difficult choice to sell all our Mini LaManchas.

For more detail and pictures please go to our LaMancha page at:



Please see our kidding schedule to see who is expecting and to make reservations


2016 Kids:

We will likely be selling one or two of last year's kids once we decide who we are going to keep out of this year's batch.  If there is someone that interests you, please let us know


2017 Kids:  We have some lovely breedings this year, and are now taking reservations
Does in milk and adults


We will have at least one Doe in Milk available. Still deciding on who, so contact us if you are interested in someone



We update as often as we can - so check back soon for more fun stuff.

Contact us via email by clicking here
Phone: 206-219-9072
We are located in Olalla WA
The nearest large cities are Tacoma & Seattle