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Nigerians Mini-LaMancha Mini-Nubian Kids & Kidding For Sale Goat Photos

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Some of the does listed for sale below are not yet on the page. Please email us ( you are interested in them. 

Many of the kids, while for sale, are slow to make the list so please inquire if interested.

2017 Kidding Schedule
Breed Doe Buck Generation Due Date (145 days) Kidding Date Reservations/Notes
MN Bell Rainier F3 4/14/2017
MN Starling Rainier F3 4/14/2017
Nig Christy Lucky n/a 4/18/2017
MN Parker Brutus F1 April/May
MN Etta Rainier F3 4/22/2017
MN Chiquita Rainier F4 4/23/2017
Nig Twilight Burt n/a 4/26/2017
Nig Shortround Burt n/a 5/17/2017
MN Raven Burt F1 5/18/2017
Nig Diva Burt n/a 5/22/2017
Nig Dorothy Lucky n/a 5/22/2017
MN Fancy Freddie F2 5/25/2017
Mini La Kalamata Branagan F3 6/7/2017
MN Dolly Freddie F4 6/14/2017
Nig Moon Lucky n/a 7/7/2017
Nig Calico Burt Late Summer or Fall


Some old photos for fun:


Olive x Mach:

Angel x Umberto:

Christy x Umberto:

2012 Kid Photos:

Mangia x Fox's Den BPF Midnight BluMoon
First Generation Mini-Lamanchas

MBF  Machiatto                              Carmella

Christy X NC Promisedland RC Top Spot
Purebred Nigerians

Buckling on left, Doeling on right

Zoey x Umburto

Two Blue-eyed doelings just born!

Olive x Umburto

Olive & Tapenade


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